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It brings me great joy to share with you of the opportunity to reserve any one of our LIVE WEBINAR CE Classes and paying us later. We have been giving instructions from USC Processing Department to provide attendees who are taking Live Webinars / Video Conferencing CE Classes to fill out and return to the providers a Letter of Consent Form. This document is to authorize and give permission to the providers to sign your Verification Form in your absence. We cannot process your hours if we don't have this document signed bey the attendees. Reserving your seats in advance without paying first, allows us to equip you with these documents through our Adobe Doc U Sign. Once you fill out your Letter of Consent Form and your correct up-to-date Verification information it will be automatically emailed back to us. At that time, you will be emailed an Invoice with the balance due for your booking.  Please take advantage of these Reserve NOW and Pay LATER opportunities. Knowing that your seat is reserved now gives you the time to relax and pay later without the hassle of coming off of that amount right away, but knowing you won't get left out from taken the most important part of your Cosmetology, Nail Technology, or Esthetics credentials, which is being recertified to continuing to practice in the state of SC. No worries, relax and let us be that provider that will work for you. Giving you what you need and reminding you of the date you have pre-selected with an extended deadline to PAY US LATER. 

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Terrence D Williams Sr

Owner / Monitor


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