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Continued Education

We Aspire to fill you with the Fire & Desire the Love & the Passion in this forever changing and always trending World of COSMETOLOGY.         


Come join us and experience the fun and excitement in all of our CE Classes.

Williams Group Enterprise is a Limited Liability Company. A Manager-managed South Carolina LLC, formed under and pursuant to state laws in the N.E region in Columbia SC. The Company was created for the sole purpose of the following business reason. WGE LLC, will be the connection and main source of many branches of businesses. Each business will provide services for their respectable occupation or profession and employment of service such as haircare, distribution in logistics, freight, agriculture, and food services, etc.

Williams Group Enterprise CE Association

Williams Group Enterprise CE Association is a new Columbia base  association whose mission is to provide pertinent information to license cosmetologist pertaining to disease and infection control. We will provide South Carolina State Board rules and regulations and new trending techniques in haircoloring, cutting and styling. At WGE CE Association we pride ourselves on providing quality, exciting CEU Classes that promote and demonstrate the maintenance of healthy haircare, proper sanitation and disinfectant practices to ensure the safety of our clients and ourselves.

As a member of this association you will have the privilege of receiving annual discounts on our CEU Classes. There is no fee to join this association. We encourage you to join an association that will work for you. 

About Us

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