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It took us a year to get here, and we owe it all to you. Some of you may know us personally and some of you may not know us at all. It took all year, all of you, all 3 cities, 12 months, 29 classes, 206 attendees, and 279 total certificates issued to make this BLOG HOT!!! And guess what? It ain't over. There are still three more classes to go. Two of them are all ready sold out, with our last class on 12-30 selling fast. WE OWE IT ALL TO YOU. Thanks for allowing us to be your CE provider. We pride ourselves on being that Association that works for you. Providing you with all the up to date information mandated per SC State Board LLR sanitary rules and regulations and latest trending hairstyles, while making it fun and exciting. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and WGE CE Association, so strap up and enjoy the ride, because you ain't seen nothing yet. Make sure you like this, share this post and follow us.

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